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If she is unable to complete a time sensitive assignment before her departure, she and the partner with whom she works discuss how best to address this in real time. Sometimes she works on it later in the evening, comes in a bit earlier the next morning or the client is consulted. This lowers the anxiety level for everyone and, interestingly, I have found clients to be extremely supportive of the process as well.

Ann and the partners with whom she works have discussed this directly and they have all made a commitment to including her in a cross-section of work.

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She is highly motivated, appreciative of their doing so and performing at her peak. She also feels a strong sense of loyalty which reinforces her desire to make a long-term commitment to the firm.

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Although there are frequent professional seminars about gender diversity and women in the practice of law, Ann said she did not know of seminars having to do specifically with returning from parental leave. Because your people are the firm and its fabric, you need to be sure the knowledge base and the capabilities return to the firm and that they are not lost when a lawyer becomes a parent.

Ann decided to come into the office every day but leave early, although she knows other lawyers who work full days and take a full day or two off each week. Ann and her employer have had frank and comprehensive conversations about what she needs to do to become a partner. Because I go into the office every day, I am able to do this quite effectively.

If both parties speak regularly about this, then you can keep tweaking the process and keep everyone on track.

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  4. Unfortunately, before, during and after my parental leave, there was very little if any discussion about the process. I felt unsupported and disengaged.

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    Ultimately, I became quite depressed, missing my baby and not feeling involved at work. Interestingly, Allen and Overy has recently developed such a programme, although I do not know its details. Although women now constitute the vast majority of lawyers who take extended parental leave, I expect this will begin to change as more men consider being the primary caregiver for a child. Having lawyers who want to take parental leave is non-optional for an employer.

    This timely book will save and redirect many a career. Roy will show you how to do it, whether you are entry level or a top executive.

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    He knows the language and the solutions to their career-related problems. ROY L. Testimonials " The author shares with the reader over 20 years of accumulated knowledge in dealing with job searches.

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    Frankel, Ph. McNulty Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Executive Director, Career Development Office and Executive Director, Center for Leadership " In a job world turned upside down by the global financial crisis, Roy Cohen has produced a roadmap for those intrepid souls who wish to begin careers anew — whether in finance or elsewhere. This has led to companies receiving questionnaires from investors, customers and other stakeholders interested in filling information gaps.

    But these methods are costly, cumbersome and do not result in broad distribution of the requested information. The growth of sustainability reporting clearly reflects increased appreciation for the value of being perceived as a sustainable business. Companies often cite the market-based approach, reflecting priorities of consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders, as a major motivator. Benefits include attracting the best talent as well as socially minded customers and investors , thwarting activist intervention and achieving competitive success.

    Implementing sustainability initiatives also can help achieve measurable progress in reducing operating and manufacturing losses.

    It is reasonable to assume that sustainability reporting will continue to increase and improve in the near future. Robust debate about alternatives to the voluntary ESG reporting model are taking place. In these jurisdictions, proponents argue that without a legal obligation requiring reports to comply with clear and comprehensive reporting standards, there is a risk that stakeholders will never be able to have faith in either the accuracy or the meaningfulness of these reports. Financial regulators and stock exchanges are on the front lines of mandatory reporting guidelines.

    In contrast to the market-driven approach, these initiatives tend to focus on financial consequences for environmental concerns.

    To date, the mandatory ESG reporting requirements are limited, which is not surprising given the lack of consensus on how to define and measure sustainability performance. Recognizing that reporting on ESG issues may vary across corporate practice, ownership structures, market structures and corporate governance regimes, companies may opt between issuing a compliance report or explaining in the annual accounts why compliance was not achieved.

    Jurisdictions in developed economies have reported relatively high levels of compliance using this approach. Companies have the ability to determine the feasibility and cost of compliance and opt out of compliance when the costs are too great. One thing is clear: Sustainability is here to stay.

    Public demand for nonfinancial information is too great for this issue to be ignored. Companies that have not yet started their own sustainability initiatives would be well advised to begin their research and implementation efforts. Maureen Mitchell is a partner at Fox Rothschild , where she focuses on environmental litigation, regulatory and compliance matters.