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The guitars are not entirely in tune. But his worldview-- really, what made him something much bigger than a novelty act-- is beautifully articulated.

One Foot in the Grave

While Beck's commonly cited forebears are the Beastie Boys and Bob Dylan, his real lineage was from sculptors like Robert Rauschenberg or Claes Oldenburg: guys who turned the unusable spillover of mass production-- "trash," to the trash collector-- into art. If Warhol's soup cans had a crisp, almost optimistic feel, Oldenburg's hamburger was a downer-- an unappetizing convenience that will, eventually, kill us. It's just the trash and the couch and me and you.

What's seductive about this particular doomsday scenario-- i. If nobody advanced the idea in , when the word was inescapable, I submit that being a slacker-- if being a slacker means "not caring about what's going on around me"-- is a form of peace, self-preservation, or maybe even enlightenment.

Ray: Would you like to drive over to the hospital with me? Ray: They implied that he might not last through the night. They tried to do everything that they possibly could to help him, but he just keeps getting worse and worse.

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Of course, they would never say this directly, but it seems like Warren has one foot in the grave already, and he could pass away at any moment. This article excerpt is about someone in the rice business who feels doomed because of poor business. The idiom one foot in the grave is a way to describe someone that is very old or sick, or is otherwise near death.

Strangely enough, the writing reminds me a lot of Samuel Beckett — the absurdism, the bleakness, being stuck in these stupid, repetitive situations. One episode is all about Victor being given a pet dog called Nippy , who turns out to be stuffed.

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For another, we filmed the whole thing stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. All you see is us sitting in the car. Really brilliant.

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The first series was six episodes, but we had no idea it would take off. In the end it lasted well over a decade.

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Young people liked it because it showed someone speaking their mind. Victor became a kind of folk hero, and there was the whole celebrity thing. But then it gradually became this huge thing.

One Foot In the Grave