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He explains the mind and motives of radical Islam, telling you what you need to know about the greatest threat our nation has ever faced. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Radical Islam , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The clearest and best all-round book on this often confusing subject. Every Christian who wonders about Islam and it's impact on our world should read this one. Well written and powerful. Leana Bosley rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Now, in the 21st century the civilized world is reaping what Chamberlain and all the other appeasers of tyrants, dictators and terrorists have sown.

When a religion is hijacked by the most extreme and radical elements within it, elements which use the writings of the religion's Holy Book to justify their actions, what do we call it? When those extreme elements call for the conversion and subjugation of unbelievers by force or threats of force and death When they impose religious law on believer and unbeliever alike, what do we call it? If this was medieval Europe, we might call it an "Inquisition", if this was the Western Hemisphere in the 15 and 's we might call it 'Conquista'. All those were bloody repressive movements, carried out by a "True Religion" with the goal of 'Bringing Light and Justice to the World'.

This documentary may be overly preachy and ingrained with propagandistic effects but, if the core of it is true And where are those Muslims who stand against radicalism? There are a few out there and they are very brave because, sooner or later, they have a contract put on their heads. And THAT is what the film is about The fatwa's and preachers' sermons mean what they say or they don't.

It's complete nonsense. It's crafted for an audience of Polly-Anna complacency who diet heavily on spoon-fed gibberish, horribly thought out arguments, irrational conclusions, fallacious ideas, and nonsensical logic. Who made this hit peace? When all is said and done; Que Bono? That is, who benefits, in the long run? You don't. You sacrifice money and rights.

Muslims don't, they get our bombs. Try again. Answer this, and you've unlocked a major door. MartinHafer 26 January While the film COULD have taken "an all Muslims are bad" attitude, the film makers were very, very careful NOT to paint the followers of the religion with a broad brush. They pointed out several times that the problem is a small percentage within the faith of radical murderers.

Also, despite a few ridiculous reviews, this film was not some "Zionist" conspiracy. To believe this, you either couldn't have seen the film or you have a brain injury, as many probably half or more of the people in the film who speak out against this terror in the film are Muslims--and some of which are former terrorists or had family members who were suicide bombers. In light of this, you can't logically conclude the film is garbage or pure propaganda or some plot by Fox News. Any review that DOES make these allegations is not to be trusted--after all, some of the comments look more like attacks than an actual analysis of the documentary.

One person even suggested that when the film was advertised as "award winning" that this was a lie--give it a rest and stop with the personal attacks!!

How safe is it to lock up Anjem Choudary in prison with Muslims he could radicalise?

Now this doesn't mean you need to agree with everything in the film--but you also can't just ignore the issue of radicalism or write off the film because it makes you feel uncomfortable or think. The film itself is logically presented, reasonably balanced and informative. Its purpose is to cause an emotional reaction within the viewers and it definitely will do that. It also calls for non-radicals within the faith to stand up against senseless terror and hatred--and what's not to like about that?!

I thought I was knowledgeable about the Middle-East situation. I was shocked to see how much more there is to understanding this global problem. People need to see this movie. Only when we understand our enemy will we be able to defeat them. Our best teachers are those that endured WW II. Now I fully understand why the "Holocaust" should never be forgotten.

It is essential that not only you see this movie but that you send it to as many people as possible. In this way we can put enough pressure on our Politicians to better protect us. If you want to see this movie in its entirety, please send an email to: waragainstterror excite. Propaganda modeled after North Korea lisalaurine 31 August Most of the clips, sound bytes and interviewees here have pretty much restated what is already talked about in the media.

This film works well in not only showing an eye opening for those less news savvy but it also serves to scare the daylights of those who are not usually given a much more complex view of why hatred is rampant in many Islamic communities around the world. This film paints a picture for those who would not care less to think deeply that all Muslims are terrorists or violent and irrational.

The left is also painted as a supporter of terrorism and is pointed at as the cause of radical Islam in the West. This film would do well at Fox News and other mainstream media who only see one side of the story. Shame, shame for lumping 1. Denny 12 April Some people said that this movie is propaganda. Maybe it has a little bit aspect of that, but overall, I can say definitely that this is a well done documentary movie. It has a very high objectivity and clarity value. Through this movie, you can see how these Muslims did a desecration and destruction to Churches, Temples, and other non-Muslim holy shrines.

You also can witness how the Muslim Leaders obligate Muslim to do Jihad all over the world, specially to conquer America and U. There is a cut from Muslim propaganda in this movie that depicts America as a hunter in this world, therefore proper to be shattered. There is also a funny cut from the internet that shows rap song video clip that sung by Muslim that exhibit the robust of Islam Bin Laden, Hamas and Hezbullah.

This movie is filled by opinions and arguments from persons who know deeply about Islam. One good and correct analogy that has been made in this movie is parallelism between Islam and Nazism. You can witness the strict doctrine from both, specially implicated to the way they annihilate their enemy The Kuffar and the Jews. Through this movie, maybe you will have a better understanding about how dangerous Islam is. An excellent film in the documentary genre which should open the eyes of many Americans that may believe as I did, that many of the Islamic radicals are simply a misunderstood and disenfranchised group of people.

I get it now! I consider myself a well read person, and yet until now, I never made the parallel between the present day Islamic radicals and Nazism in the 30's. I must say that the parallel is valid and certainly true considering the rhetoric expounded by the clerics in the film regarding the state of Israel. I for one will never again lament the cause and or foundation for their hatred of our society as a whole and that of the Jewish people.

This video is a must see for every person, especially those that are comfortable with life and think that there is no terrorist threat. It paints a clear a vivid and unbiased view of the state of the world. Radical Islam is a threat and has been since well before This video documents many of the terrorist attacks against the West in recent history. It's straightforward in it's approach and to the point. I also like that it portrays Islam as a whole as a peaceful religion, and a sure defense against radical Islam. If you thought the media has done a good job at broadcasting the war on terror, think again.

This video assembles everything into one summary of the war and what can and must be done to ensure peace in the world. I highly recommend this for teens and up! They all have in common that they have joined a fraternity of nations that have been touched by Muhmmadans radical Islamicists that want to impose Sharia Law on all societies First they take examples from , Britain, Morocco, Kenya, Chechnya and connect the dots. All nations are dealing with this and average citizens don't connect the dots as they don't see these separate fronts as a global conflict with Muhammadans.

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I don't know what order they go in but I will do my best to explain what is contained: They go through: Arab media and TV, America and The West blaming Imperialism for the attacks when it is rooted in the Qur'an to kill all unbelievers, Whalid Shoebat and Nonie Darwish are two people who have grown up in Islam and Shoebat is a former PLO terrorist, Darwish is the daughter of an Egyptian Army lieutenant general, who, when assassinated by the Israeli army, was called a "shahid" by the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, although Darwish blames "the Middle Eastern Islamic culture and the propaganda of hatred taught to children from birth" for the assassination of her Father Wikipedia These two understand what the real problem is.

The culture of Hatred which breeds hatred of Jews and Christians as well as the West and since it is commanded in their Qur'an and mandated by Allah, this is a duty with the highest reward. Most Americans have never seen or read a Qur'an so they believe anything told to them by the mainstream media Now, they also go into Arabic television where children express wanting to be a Shahid or a martyr I find this problematic because a martyr dies for what they believe instead of killing in the process too anyway, children no older than 6 are taught to recite jihadist poetry and plan to attack the West, Israel and America.

They tell us also that in The UK, it is extremely problematic as well as in the US because it is in our backyard, then they are sent to Islamic countries to be trained and then sent back into the land to attack wherever they choose. This is the best postmodern warfare because you use the geography of the land to attack your enemy as pointed out by a woman in the film.

Since Islam transcends racial, language and culture barriers we need to understand that this is a global problem. A quote from Brigette Gabriel They are using our laws against us and they know it. Published on Wednesday, June 26th, at p. Fact-checking the Democratic debate in Miami, night 1 The Democrats who want to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency took the stage for the first debate of the presidential primary of the election cycle. Do you know your Democrats?

A PolitiFact presidential quiz Do you know your Democrats? Published on Wednesday, June 26th, at a. Who is Eric Swalwell? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate U. Eric Swalwell of California has focused on ending gun violence during his bid for president. By Volodymyr Solohub. Published on Tuesday, June 25th, at p. Who is John Hickenlooper? By Julianna Rennie. Live fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate PolitiFact is live fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate. What to expect at the first Democratic debates The week of the first Democratic presidential debates has arrived, and 20 candidates will get a chance to formally showcase their policy ideas for Who is John Delaney?

John Delaney declared his candidacy way back in July Published on Monday, June 24th, at p. Who is Tim Ryan? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Ohio Rep. Who is Kirsten Gillibrand? Published on Friday, June 21st, at a. Who is Seth Moulton? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton served four tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine, then won election three times to a U.

House seat in Massachusetts, representing the district where he grew up. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the U. Many historians are skeptical Recent assertions by Rep. Published on Thursday, June 20th, at p. Who is Cory Booker? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker, a U.

Senator from New Jersey, has emphasized gun control and reducing poverty. Published on Thursday, June 20th, at a. Fact-checking Donald Trump's campaign kick-off in Florida President Donald Trump launched his re-election bid in the key state of Florida. We fact-checked his claims about the economy, the wall with Mexico and abortion.

Published on Wednesday, June 19th, at a. Who is Steve Bullock? When it came time for the election, he and only one other Democrat in Montana won statewide offices — when Trump won by more than 20 points. Published on Tuesday, June 18th, at a. Who is Michael Bennet? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado surprised the public when he gave a fiery speech in January during the longest federal government shutdown in U.

Ted Cruz of Texas of not showing genuine empathy for government workers. Who is Pete Buttigieg? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Unlike most presidential candidates in recent history, Pete Buttigieg has not served in Congress, as a governor or as a vice president. Yet his outlook is something of a throwback: Buttigieg has styled himself as a plainspoken, pragmatic candidate from the Midwest. Published on Monday, June 17th, at a.

Who is Amy Klobuchar? Senate elections by wide margins in the politically competitive state of Minnesota. She is running for the presidency in by positioning herself as ideologically and rhetorically more moderate than most other members of the large candidate field. Who is Andrew Yang? Formally, the policy is a universal basic income, but Yang calls it the "Freedom Dividend," and it has distinguished him as a candidate who was recently unknown in the political sphere.

Published on Friday, June 14th, at a. Who is Jay Inslee? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Most Democrats say that climate change is a key issue, but Jay Inslee has gone further and made it the central issue of his campaign. Published on Thursday, June 13th, at p. Who is Elizabeth Warren? The former law school teacher and researcher now pushes policies that she says will fix the flaws of capitalism. Our profile pulls together the key strands in her life. Who is Bernie Sanders?

He did that by pushing for policies he has advanced for decades. Published on Wednesday, June 12th, at a. Who is Tulsi Gabbard? Tulsi Gabbard served two tours of duty in the Middle East and promises to keep the United States out of "regime change wars. Who is Marianne Williamson? Published on Tuesday, June 11th, at a. Who is Joe Biden? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate Former Vice President Joe Biden, in his third bid for the presidency, has the longest political resume of anyone in the Democratic field.

Donald Trump says Mexico agreed to start buying more from American farmers. Trump said a side agreement in the immigration deal meant Mexico would start buying massive amounts from American farmers. It already does. And Mexico says it agreed to nothing new. Published on Monday, June 10th, at p.

Nancy Pelosi cites principle of not talking about Donald Trump when overseas. She deosn't talk about him when she's overseas. But she isn't shy about laying out her policy disagreements with him. By Jon Greenberg , Stefanie Pousoulides. Published on Friday, June 7th, at p. Published on Thursday, June 6th, at a. Here's what the audio shows. By Katie Sanders. Published on Sunday, June 2nd, at a.

Mueller spoke. Trump reacted. We fact-checked. As he closed the Special Counsel office, Robert Mueller's final remarks were brief, but drew a rebuke from the president. Published on Thursday, May 30th, at p. Here's what we know Alyssa Milano and others are claiming that new abortion law in Georgia states that women will be subject to prosecution, but we will have to wait to see how prosecutors and courts interpret the law.

Published on Friday, May 24th, at p. Trump says miles of wall are coming soon. But most projects replace existing barriers The U. Construction is happening, he says, in spite of reluctance from Congress. Published on Wednesday, May 15th, at a. Many factors contributed to losses by Democrats in the races for governor in Georgia and Florida. Published on Friday, May 10th, at a. Published on Wednesday, May 8th, at p. How often should Trump be fact-checked? Readers weigh in We asked readers to share their thoughts on how often President Donald Trump should be fact-checked.

They shared their thoughts in this installment of mailbag. Published on Friday, May 3rd, at a. The record-setting Democratic primary field: What you need to know The calendar may say , but the Democratic primary is already in full swing. Why is the field so big? Published on Thursday, May 2nd, at a. Did he? Published on Wednesday, May 1st, at p. The money and politics of prescription drugs: What you need to know America spends about as much on prescription drugs as all the revenues of the three big car makers combined.

Tracking where the money goes is hard. Published on Tuesday, April 30th, at a. It was at this press conference that Trump said that "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. Published on Friday, April 26th, at p. Published on Friday, April 26th, at a. Elizabeth Warren: Does her wealth tax pay for her child care and higher education plans? She counts on the revenues to pay for her child care and higher education plans. We asked education and tax economists what might throw off her predictions.

They had a few ideas. Published on Thursday, April 25th, at a. Now, some are calling for her removal. Published on Wednesday, April 24th, at a. The redacted version of the report, released April 18 by Attorney General William Barr, verifies and supports media reports about events that Trump dismissed as "fake news.

Published on Friday, April 19th, at p. Published on Thursday, April 18th, at p. Published on Wednesday, April 17th, at p. Fact-checking the Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought his message of single-payer health care, higher taxes on the super-rich, and free college tuition to the conservative audience of Fox News. What does it mean when Democrats say they support reparations? As the presidential race ramps up, Democratic candidates are talking about setting the country on a course of atonement through reparations.

Published on Wednesday, April 17th, at a. Published on Sunday, April 14th, at p. How unusual is the turnover among top Trump administration officials? Published on Friday, April 12th, at a. Medicare for All defines one end of the Democratic presidential debate Seeing who co-sponsored Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill is interesting.

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  • More interesting are the other health care bills they signed on to. Published on Thursday, April 11th, at a. So the irresistible force has met the immovable object -- and observers expect that the courts will be asked to hash it all out. Published on Tuesday, April 9th, at a. The flowers are blooming, and so is the PolitiFact email inbox. Published on Monday, April 8th, at a. Explaining the numbers behind the rise in reported hate crimes FBI data suggests that hate crimes have been on the rise since However, that only captures the reported hate crimes identified by law enforcement.

    Results from the National Crime Victimization Survey estimate a higher number of hate crime victimizations, but they are not going up. By Yanqi Xu. Published on Wednesday, April 3rd, at a. Published on Tuesday, April 2nd, at a. Happy International Fact-Checking Day! Supreme Court. Published on Monday, April 1st, at a. Published on Friday, March 29th, at p.

    No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez probably didn't say that There are fake photos, like a doctored image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez holding her legs open or the picture of a woman in a Facebook post that claims Ocasio-Cortez was fired from Hot Dog on a Stick for incompetence. One post spread a fake rumor that she had a credit score of and was evicted twice. And they all seem designed to discredit the youngest U. House representative, or to make her look stupid. By Ciara O'Rourke. Published on Wednesday, March 27th, at p. Given that outcome, Republicans are renewing attention on the cost of the investigation that went on for nearly two years.

    Published on Tuesday, March 26th, at p. In a controversial move, Barr supplied a key legal judgment where Mueller declined to reach one. Published on Monday, March 25th, at p. Martha Stewart to Donald Trump: Can there be obstruction of justice with no underlying crime? We decided to take a closer look. Published on Sunday, March 24th, at p. PolitiFact partners with Noticias Telemundo to bring fact-checking in Spanish for election PolitiFact reporters and editors will be made available to Telemundo for on-air interviews, and Noticias Telemundo will be able to send statements for PolitiFact to fact-check for Spanish-language audiences.

    Published on Thursday, March 21st, at p. Published on Wednesday, March 20th, at p. Published on Monday, March 18th, at a. But Jews have voted overwhelmingly Democratic for decades. Published on Thursday, March 14th, at a. During his 2-hour-plus speech, Trump revisited many of the points from his political rallies. Published on Monday, March 4th, at p.

    Did Michael Cohen want a White House gig? Published on Friday, March 1st, at p. In context: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Michael Cohen during the House Oversight Committee In recent years, members of Congress have been criticized for grandstanding during hearings instead of eliciting new information. Published on Thursday, February 28th, at a. What the Oscar movies get right, wrong Have you ever wondered if the movie you just saw — that claimed to be based on a real story or historical events — was really accurate?

    So have we. Published on Tuesday, February 19th, at p. Medicare for All: What it is, what it isn't Medicare for All gets a lot of play in coverage of the Democratic primary, but it's meaning can get fuzzy around the edges. Published on Tuesday, February 19th, at a. Was the U. Donald Trump has said he thinks so. Published on Monday, February 18th, at p. Trump said he expected to be sued over his declaration, even though declarations are often signed.

    National emergency declarations are signed relatively frequently by presidents, but Trump downplays the political implications of his move and the fact that many immigration experts and lawmakers question the existence of the crisis Trump says justifies his declaration. Published on Friday, February 15th, at p. Many aspects of his argument were misleading or wrong.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, PolitiFact loves truth, what about you? What better way to show your love for truth in politics? Published on Wednesday, February 13th, at p. Donald Trump vs. Yet they were rallying their supporters less than a mile away from each other. Published on Tuesday, February 12th, at p. Published on Tuesday, February 12th, at a. We sort it out for you. Published on Friday, February 8th, at p. House Democrats and HR 1: Voting rights expansion or federal power grab?

    HR 1 has drawn strong reactions from those on opposite sides of battles over laws about voting rights. Published on Friday, February 8th, at a. Fact-check: How true is Green Book? But how accurate is Green Book? By Manuela Tobias. Published on Thursday, February 7th, at p. But our fact-checking has found that the economic data clashes with their argument. Published on Thursday, February 7th, at a. Published on Tuesday, February 5th, at p.

    Trump disagrees with his own intelligence team. We catalog the differences During testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, several intelligence officials testified about security threats to the United States in a way that was sometimes at odds with what President Donald Trump has said. Published on Thursday, January 31st, at p. Michael Bennet's turn to speak on the Senate floor about the record-long government shutdown, the Colorado Democrat said he had had enough of criticism from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Here's a fact-checked recap of Bennet's claims. Published on Friday, January 25th, at p.

    Often the facts behind those claims are either inaccurate or unsubstantiated. Published on Thursday, January 24th, at p. The Republican proposal to change the U. Published on Wednesday, January 23rd, at p. The upcoming Senate votes to end the shutdown: A closer look A pair of votes are scheduled in the Senate for Jan. But what are in these two measures -- one from the Republicans and the other from Democrats? And is there any likelihood of passage? By Tom Jones. Published on Wednesday, January 23rd, at a. How much does the government shutdown cost? A tweet from a Democratic presidential candidate about the hourly cost of the ongoing government shutdown sent us on a complicated reporting mission.

    How Isis crippled al-Qaida - Podcast

    Published on Friday, January 18th, at p. Could Donald Trump declare a national emergency for a border wall? Published on Friday, January 18th, at a. Comparing progress on Trump, Obama campaign promises at two-year mark President Donald Trump is not the only presidential subject of scrutiny at PolitiFact.

    Published on Thursday, January 17th, at p. Your questions about the government shutdown, answered part 2 We recently asked readers what they wanted to know about the government shutdown. In a previous installment, we tackled questions about missed work and pay for government employees. Published on Thursday, January 17th, at a. Published on Wednesday, January 16th, at p. Your questions about the government shutdown, answered We recently asked readers what they wanted to know about the government shutdown.

    Now, we offer some answers.

    Data Protection Choices

    Published on Wednesday, January 16th, at a. Fact-checking Democrats on the shutdown's effects on food safety, hurricane prep A look at the impact on airport safety, hurricane preparedness, food stamps and food safety inspections. Published on Tuesday, January 15th, at a. Why Trump Is the most fact-checked president Americans have never seen this level of truth-bending come out of the Oval Office. Published on Monday, January 14th, at p. Does Border Patrol catch 90 percent of immigrants crossing the border illegally? A former Obama official said that there is over a 90 percent chance that someone illegally crossing the southwest border will get caught, but experts cast doubt on that figure.

    Published on Friday, January 11th, at a. Published on Wednesday, January 9th, at p. Published on Tuesday, January 8th, at p. Explaining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70 percent marginal tax rate idea Rep. Published on Tuesday, January 8th, at a. Were migrant children who died very sick before taken into U. Published on Thursday, January 3rd, at a. Can House Democrats release Donald Trump's tax returns? As Democrats edge closer to taking control of the U.

    Here's a closer look. Published on Wednesday, January 2nd, at p. A response to a recent critique of our fact-check about Citizens United In a recebt cikynb, former Democratic official and Washington Post contributing columnist Ron Klain, criticized a PolitiFact fact-check from Jan. We respond. Published on Thursday, December 27th, at p. PolitiFact's top 10 fact-checks of Some fact-checks draw more readers than others. See the most popular ones here. Published on Thursday, December 27th, at a. Man behind viral border wall GoFundMe fundraiser also peddled false news A veteran from Florida started a now-viral GoFundMe fundraiser to help fund Trump's border wall, but his past includes running conspiracy theory news sites often cited for promoting false and inflammatory content.

    By Samantha Putterman. Published on Friday, December 21st, at p. What can we expect during a government shutdown? A government shutdown looms, as President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders in Congress skirmish over how much funding to allocate to a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

    If a shutdown occurs, it would be the third in the span of a year, following two brief shutdowns in January that stemmed from a dispute over immigration policy. Published on Thursday, December 20th, at p. By Isaac Arnsdorf , Jon Greenberg. Published on Tuesday, December 18th, at p. Veterans Choice: How we reported this story The taxpayer dollars spent on fees to private Veterans Choice administrators was lumped in with medical care spending.

    The answer came from bringing together a handful of separate federal data sources. Donald Trump says tariffs will make America rich again. Economists disagree For years before he became president, Donald Trump has been intrigued by the idea of tariffs. Published on Monday, December 17th, at p. How much is the Mueller investigation costing? Published on Friday, December 14th, at p. Published on Thursday, December 13th, at a. Published on Tuesday, December 11th, at p. Published on Tuesday, December 11th, at a. A look back at Lie of the Year, to PolitiFact awards the Lie of the Year to the most significant falsehood or exaggeration of the past 12 months.

    A fact-checking milestone: Factcheck. By Bill Adair. Published on Thursday, December 6th, at a. He was one of the most distinguished military intelligence officers in a generation. Published on Wednesday, December 5th, at p. Here are the facts. Published on Saturday, December 1st, at p. How much does the Mueller investigation cost? We checked out the numbers. Published on Friday, November 30th, at p.

    Lie of the Year Readers' Choice Poll PolitiFact will soon announce our Lie of the Year -- the most significant falsehood of , as chosen by our editors and reporters. We're also inviting PolitiFact readers to vote for the Readers' Choice award. How much has been spent so far on Donald Trump's border wall? But how much has money actually been allocated for that task? Published on Thursday, November 29th, at p. Here's a fact-check of the statement on Saudi Arabia that Trump released on Nov.

    By Jon Greenberg , Louis Jacobson. Published on Tuesday, November 27th, at a. It's GivingNewsDay! Every dollar you donate to PolitiFact is now tripled This is big. Thanks to a generous donation from one of our supporters, every dollar you donate to PolitiFact now through Dec. Is it legal for tear gas to be used against migrants? Border Patrol agents fired tear gas at migrants seeking entry at the southwest border, claiming the migrants were throwing rocks and bottles. Many users on social media debated whether tear gas is a chemical weapon, and if it is, why was it used against migrants?

    Tear gas is allowed to be used in domestic law enforcement to control riots. Published on Monday, November 26th, at p. We look at the facts. Published on Monday, November 26th, at a. Midterm Facebook misinformation: Pipe bombs, menacing caravans and rampant voter fraud The false claims came quickly and steadily over Facebook in the weeks before and after the midterm elections. We picked a few notable ones that we shot down.

    How Isis crippled al-Qaida

    Published on Wednesday, November 21st, at a. Here are a smattering of emails we received from readers -- positive, negative, and neutral. They have been edited for length and clarity. Find your place card, grab a fork and dig in. By Kyra Haas. Published on Sunday, November 18th, at a. Published on Thursday, November 15th, at p. Donald Trump and Rick Scott allege fraud in Broward, Palm Beach vote counting without any evidence While there have been lots of problems in the vote counting, no judge or state office has proven fraud.

    By Amy Sherman , Manuela Tobias. Published on Tuesday, November 13th, at p. Here's what it shows and whether it was doctored. Published on Thursday, November 8th, at p. So the Democrats won the House. What legislation might follow? Now what? Published on Wednesday, November 7th, at p. Is the migrant caravan an invasion?

    Executive Summary

    In the days leading to Election Day, President Donald Trump cast a caravan of Central American migrants walking to the United States as a national threat and as a force that required military intervention. Published on Tuesday, November 6th, at a. But the way the voters cast their ballots on Nov. Published on Monday, November 5th, at p.

    Here is our summary of where the races stand in the final days before elections. Donald Trump on the campaign stump: His most glaring falsehoods It's been all over again, as President Donald Trump went into campaign mode and held rallies across the country to rev up his base. When he spoke, accuracy was optional. Here's a running list of some of his worst excesses. Published on Monday, November 5th, at a. PolitiFact has been fact-checking the mounting misinformation about it.

    Published on Friday, November 2nd, at p. PolitiFact readers' election questions answered Ahead of Election Day, we asked our readers what claims they would like to see checked. Dozens responded to us, from coast to coast, with questions and requests, so we got to work on finding answers.