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  • Defining Terrorism - Is One Man’s Terrorist Another Man’s Freedom Fighter?;
  • One to the Wolves, On the Trail of a Killer?
  • Political Motivated Violence.

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On January 14th, a week after Harroun entered Syria, a video surfaced online of him in a room with four men who appeared to be rebel fighters. He was dressed in a tan jacket, with a checkered kaffiyeh draped over his right shoulder. You should just quit now, while you can, and leave.

Where you go, we will find you, and kill you. Law-enforcement agencies and media organizations tried to identify the swaggering, fair-skinned American. Harroun and his comrades set up a base near a rural intersection twenty miles south of the Euphrates River. Roman ruins overlooked the intersection, and the crumbling gypsum ramparts provided ideal cover for ambushes.

One night, the rebels established a checkpoint. While searching a bus, they singled out a man, in plain clothes, whom they suspected of belonging to the Syrian military. They tied his hands, and Harroun filmed the captured man on his iPhone. Harroun filmed more than a dozen episodes in Syria. Ann let me extract the files from his iPhone; geolocation data embedded in the videos, and in dozens of photographs, enabled me to plot his wartime activities. Six days after filming the video of the prisoner, Harroun aimed his camera at a rocky landscape dotted with concrete homes.

A fire from an explosion smoldered on the horizon. He began narrating the scene, in the grave tone of Captain Benjamin L. This fucking place is hell. Had one guy die in my arms and had to help one guy tie a tourniquet around his leg to stop the bleeding so far. That afternoon, as the sun was casting long winter shadows, Harroun and the other men came under heavy fire. He took shelter in a shack with broken windows and bare floors.

He was sweating and out of breath when he switched on the camera. I piss on their graves. I swear I was never afraid. Something always kept me calm and relaxed. It was like I was invisible to death. In late February, Harroun flew to Istanbul, intent on meeting with intelligence officials at the U. He felt that he had critical knowledge to share: he had come to believe that the men he had fought alongside in Syria belonged to Jabhat al-Nusra, which the State Department had recently classified as a terrorist organization.

It was risky, even foolhardy, for Harroun to reveal this association. Violating that law could lead to a lengthy prison sentence. Harroun may have assumed that infiltrating a brigade of militant Islamists in Syria and then reporting that information to the consulate would be enough to shield him from prosecution. Normally, access trumps other concerns when it comes to intelligence. Harroun knew this well, because he had spied for the U. In the autumn of , Harroun contacted the Central Intelligence Agency. He was living in Tucson at the time, having recently returned from his first trip to Lebanon.

I liked some of your myspace page photos from there. Harroun eventually met with him.

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  7. Bob Baer, a former C. I discovered more than forty e-mails between Harroun and Wayne. The messages do not provide a full picture of their relationship or contain specific references to the C. But they reflect a dynamic particular to handlers and their assets. Harroun noted that he had pressed Suzuki for details about Shatila. I recently asked Suzuki about the e-mails. He forwarded me his exchanges with Harroun. Their e-mails initially dealt with prosaic matters—Suzuki was robbed at the hostel where he and Harroun had met.

    Or any other Palestinian camps you went to? I know when we went to Shatila there was alot of ex Iraqi fighters in there, just out of curiosity. I have seen that tattoo on lots of people when we were there, plus he had that poster of Saddam Hussein remember? If you could tell me more info on activities or daily life or on how the camps operate independently etc it would help.

    when' terrorists' where'freedom fighters'

    With Wayne, Harroun was less nonchalant about facing jail time. Wayne discouraged him from acting rashly, as fugitives can be problematic collaborators, even for intelligence agencies. He said he would love to help me with that when I get back to Damascus. Six days later, Harroun sent a note implying that his interest in the Islamic Center of Tucson was a ruse to spy on the imam, a native of Peshawar, Pakistan, named Farid Farooqi. This is going to be a tedious process.

    I understand you cant tell me everything but what info you can give me if any on this guy? I am walking into this blind. Thx Bro. Expect him to be subtle as it could be a while before he or others had trust in u. Farooqi is now employed by the Department of Justice, as a Muslim chaplain.

    The C. Harroun clearly believed that Wayne was a C. In late , a triple agent working for Al Qaeda detonated a suicide vest inside a C. Did you personally know any of them? Over the next few years, Harroun periodically contacted Wayne. I am in Cairo. Wayne did not respond, at least not by e-mail.

    Defining Terrorism - Is One Man’s Terrorist Another Man’s Freedom Fighter?

    Harroun had other interactions with the F. In , agents showed up at his apartment in Tucson after a neighbor spotted a Hezbollah flag hanging from his balcony and called the police. Harroun explained that he had no association with Hezbollah, though he questioned why the U. Agents interviewed Harroun twice in the spring of In those conversations, he discussed a desire to visit Iran, possibly using fake papers, and spoke of his upcoming trip to Southeast Asia.

    If he met such people, the F. Set on a hilltop at the northern edge of the city, the consulate is one of the largest in the world. Since the closure of the U. Harroun arrived there on March 12, He was escorted inside and taken to see Michael Kolessar, the resident F. According to the F. Kolessar brought up an article about Harroun that had been published on the Fox News Web site, a day earlier. It had been written by two journalists who had been curious about the unnamed American in the YouTube clips.

    Harroun spoke to them, over Skype, soon after leaving Syria. He offered to take a polygraph exam, and gave the F. In exchange, he said, he hoped that the U. He had considered seeking assistance from the C. Kolessar asked Harroun whether he knew about the Neutrality Act.

    Harroun did not. In the nineteen-thirties, Congress had passed laws designed to prohibit private citizens from meddling in foreign conflicts and, potentially, drawing the nation into war. Ann shut the blinds, but Harroun refused to hide. Privately, he conveyed a sense of worry. His fictions were beginning to catch up with him. I told everyone I am half-Lebanese to get into Syria. Then, dumbass dad goes and says different. On March 18, , Harroun returned to the consulate in Istanbul.

    He again spoke of having formed an association with al-Nusra. This time, a second F. They had flown in from Washington. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia at the time, told me. The F. We need to get him back here. How do we do that? On March 26th, Harroun visited the consulate a third time and told the F. Navy, who was interested in fighting in Syria. Two turned up a few days later but there was no news of the third. A month later I was in Montreal and on impulse went to the warehouse that I had been told lost bags went to. They were surprised to have a visitor but showed me round.

    We first walked down a long room with shelving on each side for the lost hand luggage, all very neatly laid out. The most pitiful sight was the row upon row of lost teddy bears. The next room had shelves for November and December lost hold bags, thousands of them.

    The Suffragettes: terrorists or freedom fighters?

    The last room had the January hold bags, the month of our flight. They were surprised that I wanted to walk along all the shelves and even more so when I found my bag. The one thing lacking was any effort to look for address labels and reunite bags with their owners. It would be very easy for all the airlines to form a company that issue barcodes to travellers who register an email address. All they would have to do is scan durable labels and tags on lost bags, and teddy bears, which carry the barcode and automatically send emails that tell the travellers where their bag is.

    The airlines do not lose bags or teddy bears — they are stored and then dumped. The invasion into the jungle will catalyse a series of events that could cause its extinction. It is a hotspot for biodiversity and is home to millions of endemic, endangered, and exotic species. The Amazon jungle is already threatened by climate change and deforestation.

    Creating roads will lead to the invasion of the civilization and easier access for bacteria and invasive species. For the sake of our futures, we need to preserve the Amazon jungle in the efforts to preserve our earth as a whole. I hope that the world will stand together to see the importance of the Amazon jungle, protesting and petitioning to the government of Peru to carefully consider their decision, before they make an irreversible mistake. The body of moderate, one-nation Tory MPs are now in thrall to a relative handful of opportunistic, rampant right-wingers who appear entitled to make party policy on the hoof.

    Even more dramatically, a large majority of Labour MPs voted Remain in the recent referendum and yet they seem petrified of a tiny number of Bennite left-wingers who are happy to join the far-right in pressing us to leave the EU. What is wrong with these people? Their hour has come. Violent crime caused by drunkenness and need was commonplace, even though prison sentences were harsh with punishment rather than rehabilitation the main objective.

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